A welcome from our Principal

I am privileged to introduce myself as the principal of Briscoe Lane Academy. I have always been passionate about teaching and learning throughout the various leadership roles I have held. I am in the fortunate position of already working within the Wise Owl Trust which will ensure a smooth transition for all members of the school community as we enter the second half of spring term.

My priority as the principal is to ensure that Briscoe Lane Academy continues in its ambition to Outstanding.  I strongly believe that school is an opportunity for children to discover and unlock hidden talents in a safe and nurturing environment. Across the Wise Owl Trust we have already started to introduce a new innovative curriculum which supports children in developing key life skills and I look forward to supporting the staff at Briscoe Lane as they adopt this new ‘RESPECT’ (Resilience, Empathy, Self awareness, Positivity, Excellence, Communication and Team work) curriculum.

I believe that a partnership between home and school can also be key to children finding school a positive and rewarding experience. I therefore strive to work in partnership with parents/carers and will continue to welcome you and value your contributions.  

Every child has the ability to do amazing things and be successful if we provide the right opportunities. I look forward to leading Briscoe Lane Academy through this new chapter and thank you for your continued commitment and support to the staff and pupils of this school.

Mrs Hall
— Claire Hall - Principal


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a top quality education to all of our children across the Trust by tackling the barriers to learning and responding to contextual needs. We are committed to ensuring that our children are ready for the next stage in their life, equipping them with the necessary skills both academically and socially.

We believe that successful learners are encouraged through; hands-on experience, independence and the application of Basic Skills through challenge. The main focus of our Trust is therefore learning both inside the classroom and beyond, combining knowledge, respect and aspirations.

Our Trust will carefully grow maintaining it’s family ethos at the heart. Academies will maintain their autonomy at local level whilst taking advantage of the wider school improvement offer to build strong capacity from within. It is this model that will ensure future sustainability for individual academies and the family of schools as we grow.


Our Trust motto is TEAM and this underpins our aims and what we believe is important:


A Happy Academy

Briscoe Lane Academy is a happy academy, where children learn in a caring environment and are all valued. 

Creative Learning

We aim to develop creative approaches to learning where children are engaged, excited and enthused about what they are learning and are going to learn.

Lessons for Life

At Briscoe Lane we want to foster a life long love of learning for its own sake and to help our pupils to become confident self disciplined individuals capable of playing a fruitful part in today’s society.



Our Values

The Wise Owl Trust is dedicated to the development of each child as an individual, and presenting them with the opportunities to succeed. We, as a Trust encourage our children to make the most of their strengths and embrace their areas for development, by developing confidence and a ‘can-do’ attitude.  We believe that every child, however challenging their circumstances and whatever their background, can achieve.

Our 7 Core Values are integral to the ethos of each of our Academies and help to shape the decisions we make:



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