Blue Planet Aquarium

J1 and J2 went on a fantastic trip to Blue Planet Aquarium. 
We had a fantastic day learning about all the different sea creatures. We saw sharks, caiman, manta-rays, sting-rays, and lots of different types of fish of all different shapes, sizes and colours. We also were able to watch a scuba diving show in the big tank and saw Donovan and Becky (the scuba divers) feeding the fish and manta-rays. Donovan had to watch Becky to make sure no sharks accidentally bumped into her. The sharks were all swimming around the tank, even though a couple of them were actually asleep! After that we had a special lesson with Jess and learnt all about the different types of sharks and we were able to have a look at different shark jaws. Some of them were very big and scary!

We were very excited because we found Nemo and even got to see the piranhas like the ones Ed Stafford would have seen in the Amazon river. It was a brilliant day and we even had a quick play in the pirate's playground before getting the coach home.

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