Nursery's trip to the farm.

 Nursery 3 went on a trip to Smithills Open Farm
in Bolton. We travelled by coach which was very exciting and the sun
was shining.
Once at the farm we fed lots of animals including sheep, goats and
lambs. We also touched or held Alpacas, donkeys, rabbits, and chicks.
After our packed lunch we went on a tractor ride where we went to a
field to feed the donkeys. Next we all had a turn of riding on a
donkey. We had so much fun!
The coach journey on the way home was very quiet as most of us fell asleep!

Year 4 school trip

J3 and J4 went on an educational visit to Knowsely Safari Park where they had the chance to meet and discover lot of different animals from around the world; such as giraffes, rhinos, ostriches and lions. They even got to ride in the baboon bus, which the children thoroughly enjoyed and found hilarious!

In addition, they watched the seal lion show and the birds of prey show, named 'Flight of the tallons'. It was a brilliant day out for all involved.

Crucial Crew

Year 6 went on their trip to Crucial Crew last Friday. It was a fantastic afternoon where they learnt about how to keep safe around the community from the local PCSOs, the British Transport Police, Stagecoach bus inspectors, St John Ambulance and the Eclipse Drug and Alcohol Awareness Service. The children were praised for their good behaviour while they were there.

Trees of Hope

As we reflect on the year anniversary of the attack on Manchester, representatives from our school visited the Trees of Hope to put our messages on.  We observed a minutes silence on the day.  There will be messages around the school grounds that the children have chosen to write too.  

Family Activity Morning

Briscoe Lane Academy hosted our first family activity morning. This turned out to be a success as it was attended by many children and their parents who took part in different arts and crafts together. The school council also helped on the day so a big thank you to all those that took part. We hope you all enjoyed it and we look forward to seeing you all at the next family activity session.

An Animal Adventure

Nursery had some very special visitors to celebrate the end of our ‘Animal’ topic.  Oreo and friends animal encounters, came with some animals. We saw a tarantula, corn snake, tenrec, raccoon, meerkat, tortoise and skunk. We were very brave and held or touched the animals!

Our special visitors

Reception 1, 2 and 3 have had the egg-citing opportunity of nurturing duck eggs until they hatch.  After several weeks of love, care and attention, the ducklings finally hatched.  Each class chose names for the hatched ducklings and both children and staff have become quite attached to them.  In particular, Miss McCosh when one of the ducklings believed she was its mum!

Blue Planet Aquarium

J1 and J2 went on a fantastic trip to Blue Planet Aquarium. 
We had a fantastic day learning about all the different sea creatures. We saw sharks, caiman, manta-rays, sting-rays, and lots of different types of fish of all different shapes, sizes and colours. We also were able to watch a scuba diving show in the big tank and saw Donovan and Becky (the scuba divers) feeding the fish and manta-rays. Donovan had to watch Becky to make sure no sharks accidentally bumped into her. The sharks were all swimming around the tank, even though a couple of them were actually asleep! After that we had a special lesson with Jess and learnt all about the different types of sharks and we were able to have a look at different shark jaws. Some of them were very big and scary!

We were very excited because we found Nemo and even got to see the piranhas like the ones Ed Stafford would have seen in the Amazon river. It was a brilliant day and we even had a quick play in the pirate's playground before getting the coach home.

Infant 5 - The Queen


Infant 5 have begun to do fun activities related to the Queen. They have completed their first mission where they were asked to complete five activities to be the Queen's guards. Activities included building a tower to protect the Queen's jewels, building a carriage fit for the Queen and standing like a guard for 4 minutes. In class, children have enjoyed working as a team to order important events in the Queen's life. 

Year 5 Chill Factor

Year 5 Chill Factor

On the 14th of March all of year 5 went to Chill Factor to experience what it would be like to be an adventurer in a polar region. Year 5 have been studying Sir Ranulph Fiennes and this experience was not only very old but extremely exciting.

Commando Joes met us there where we did a mission and learnt all about the equipment needed in the Arctic. Then we went down to get booted up! We all now understand how Ranulph Fiennes ended up with frost bite as it was so so cold!  It was amazing we walked onto the ice and snow where we made an igloo. Then we got to go sleighing, go on the luge and fly down the ice on donuts.

Everyone got involved…even the teachers! We had a great day out and all really enjoyed this amazing experience! 

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