Spring Term: Nursery Newsletter

This term Nursery are going wild and looking at books connected to wild, endangered and pre

historic animals.

Spring one is all about wild animals and we will be looking at such a books as ‘Dear Zoo’ and Brown

bear’ Nursery love learning about different animals and where they live. To support children in

learning about these wild animals, Chester Zoo will be working with nursery classes linked to

sustainable environments and how we can all do our part to protect our planet.

Spring 2 is all about dinosaurs and space. We will be looking at such books as ‘never trap a dinosaur’

and ‘aliens love dinosaurs’. During this half term we might even be able to meet one and dress up as

our favourite linked to World Book Day. Keep an eye out during spring 1, for letters and ideas for

World Book Day.

During spring 2 we will also be holding our annual Easter bonnet parade, so keep your eyes open for

dates nearer the time.

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