Spring Term: Year 4 Newsletter

Year 4 Newsletter


Year 4 are currently looking at Leif Erikson as part of the RESPECT curriculum. Leif Erikson is a Norse explorer. He was amongst the first Europeans to reach North America, centuries ahead of Christopher Columbus. The sagas of his voyage have caused a historical debate. Some claim that Erikson’s landing in America was accidental; others claim he sailed there on purpose after hearing about the lands from earlier explorers. During this topic, children will undertake Leif Erikson style survival missions based on his voyage across Europe. The children will develop and display all values of the respect curriculum, particularly resilience, teamwork and communication.


Home learning

To help support your child at home, we encourage parents to read with their child daily! Frequent reading will enable your child to increase their language fluency, comprehension skills and reading stamina and will help with all areas of the curriculum.

Support with homework where possible would help enable your child to progress further throughout the year. Please take a look at our fantastic homework menus, which you can find on the school website. English and Maths homework is given out on Thursday and is due in the following Tuesday. We also ask that the children practice their times tables as often as possible to help consolidate their skills.

Another excellent way to support your child at home, is by practising spelling their high frequency words or practising the spelling rule they are being taught that week. Spellings are given out every Monday and a spelling test is taken every Friday. Please see the attached letter for more information.



General information

We are really looking forward to our PE sessions with City in the Community sports coaches every Thursday. For safety reasons, please ensure that your child brings appropriate footwear for these lessons.

Swimming lessons take place every Wednesday morning. To ensure your children get the best out of these sessions, please send them into school with the correct swimming costume and a towel.

Year 4 children took part in a series of Chester Zoo workshops all about the impact Palm Oil is having on animal’s habitat in the wild, particularly rainforests for the Chimpanzees and Orangutans. Following the workshop, children had an opportunity to visit Chester Zoo which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Our Year 4 Team –

NB – Miss Bostan and Miss Bristow

EC – Miss Cooper, Mr Fletcher and Miss Connelly

If you do have any concerns or need more information, please speak to one of the class teachers on the playground before school, or make an appointment through the school admin office.

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