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Welcome back -

All the teachers have been so excited all summer to meet their new classes and they were not disappointed. All children came into their new classes eager to explore and engage in learning. Reception classrooms have been worked on over summer by the teachers and are looking amazing. The teachers are now planning exciting activities to utilise the outside area to its full potential.

Did anyone see our brand new AstroTurf?


This half term –

This half term we will be looking at books connected to being unique and also supporting children when leaving their parents / carers in the morning. The books for this half term are Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Dogs by Emily Gravett. 


Morning Writing –

We are inviting parents to come into classes in the morning to help support children’s writing. This will include activities such as; name writing, finding keywords and fine motor activities, to help support children’s writing.


Home Learning

To help support your child at home, we encourage parents to read with their child daily! This could be something as simple as a shopping list or a short story or even a comic. By reading daily at home, this will support your child in understanding how sentences are structured, as well as getting them to recognise key words before being able to write them. Daily reading is also a great way to support early writing too.

For more information please visit the link below -

Another excellent way to support your child at home is by practising their key words. Reception children are given 100 high frequency words, most commonly used throughout life and children are encouraged to recognise these by sight throughout the reception year. Helping your child learn these words by sight will support your child’s reading and writing skills throughout their learning journey.

If you misplace this list or need ideas on ways to make learning keywords fun, please speak to the class teachers who will be more than happy to help and support.


Our Team –

There are a few new faces in Reception this year and we wanted to introduce you to our new Reception team –

Reception 1 – Mr Bramble, Mrs Hart and Mrs Bryer.

Reception 2 – Miss Waddell and Miss Jones

Reception 3 – Mrs Farey and Miss Gardner.


We know this year is going to be full of success stories and children excelling with their learning.

If you do have any concerns or need more information, please speak to one of the class teachers who will be happy to help.

Here’s to a great year!


  • The Reception Team.

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