Year 6 Newsletter.

Year 6


Year 6


Year 6 are currently looking at Amelia Earhart as part of the RESPECT curriculum. They are focusing on her experiences as a pilot who overcame many obstacles and broke records. As a pilot, Amelia Earhart travelled across the globe, therefore our year 6 children will be learning about the geography of the places she travelled to.

General information

Spellings are taught in class twice a week and should be practised each evening. A spelling test will take place once a week based on the rule that has been taught.

Children undertake a mental arithmetic test each Friday, times tables should be regularly practised at home to maintain children’s progress.

Homework is given out on a Thursday and should be given back by the following Tuesday at the latest.


Tuesday: Mindfulness club

Wednesday: Chess club, Ipad club

Thursday: Homework club, Writing club, Maths club

Friday: Drama club

Please see the school office if you wish to put names onto the waiting list for a place.

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