star.jpgOUR STAR OF THE WEEK: Daragh F

Spring Term 2017 - 

J8 have been looking at Shakespeare's work and the language used in his writing. They have re-written some magnificent sonnets and peices of work.


Autumn Term 2016 - 

J8 have been studying the classic novel of Alice in Wonderland for the past couple of weeks. They have really enjoyed writing newspaper reports about the missing Alice, character descriptions, book reviews and much more. We even held a trial to find out if the knave of hearts was guilty of stealing the Queen's jam tarts (it turned out he was innocent - it was the White Rabbit who committed the crime). J8 have been working hard on our 3D display about Alice in Wonderland this week - why not pop in to have a look! In Science we investigated how blood flows through the heart, using real goats hearts!

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