At Briscoe Lane Academy we regard attendance as high priority for the following reasons:-
  • The education of our children is paramount.
  • Regular attendance and punctuality enhance the quality of their learning opportunities.
  • Excellent attendance promotes inclusion and equal opportunities for all pupils.
  • We believe in sharing of responsibilities and working partnership with parents/carers, the local community and the Local Education Authority.
Children are expected to have at least 95% attendance, however if your child is absent please contact the school on the first day of absence. In addition to this please try to arrange holidays and medical appointments out of school hours.

We are pleased to say that the majority of our children attend school regularly and on time.  On the rare occasion when an absence occurs over a week with no word, it is our duty to inform the School Attendance Officer, who will make a home visit and if necessary pursue the matter further.

It is a legal requirement that your child attends school.

N.B. Our school is a secure building.  If you have to take your child off school during lesson time you will need to go via the main office.  A member of the office staff will then bring your child to you.

Appointment cards must be shown.


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