Zeph Report is our new online blog from one of our pupils Zeph. It was Zephs idea to gather recent happenings around Briscoe Lane Academy and write a blog about them each week to let you know what is going on in classrooms and around school on a regular basis.


School Update - 27/01/2017

Recently there have been some new clubs made across the school, theese new clubs include the Friendship Club and the Pokemon Club. Theese clubs are for very specific interests, the Pokemon club, for example, is for people who are fans of Pokemon and for people who want to chat and talk about Pokemon.

The Friendship Club is for people who want to make new friends and talk and meet new people from around their school and different year groups. Many classes from our school have been visiting Newton Heath Library recently to take part in exciting new activities such as using green screens and creating music with Garageband. My class was able to make our own stop motion animation films using playdough, it was so fun!

Come back next week for more information and news from Briscoe Lane Academy and Zeph News! Laughing


School Update - 20/01/2017

Urban Crew 2017 are very good at their job, they help to recycle schools resources, save energy and help others around the academy.

Our school prefects are here to set an example to all students. They also help to stop arguments and encourage everyone to work to the best of their ability.

Our school buddies are a group of children who help out around the school, making sure everyone is having fun and no one is being left out, they encourage friendships in the playground.

School Wardens are pupils who help people to improve behaviour by noting down any good and bad behaviour around the school and reporting it to the teachers.

Our Head Boy and Head Girlare known for their commitment to the school and their constant hardwork.

Mr Collopy, our Principal, makes sure everyone is well looked after and well behaved and that everyone maintains a good attendance.


School Update  - 16/01/2017

Throughout Briscoe Lane Academy in 2017 classes have been new activities...

Yesterday J2 learnt all about inverted commas during English and was practicing their angles in Maths.

J3 Worked on some fantastic self portraits (some of which I couldnt tell the difference between!) and in their Maths lessons they have been doing symmetry.

Simirlarly in J4 they have been looking at symmertry as well as angles for Maths and they have written some great stories about Pandoras Box in English.

J6 have been learning how to tell to time using analogue and digital clocks in Maths and in their English lessons they have been writing about Mysteries! Surprised

Finally, J8 have been writing using emotive language, Miss Preece has been trying her best not to shed a tear whilst marking the English work this week! In Maths they again have been looking at symmetry.

Thank you for reading my first post, please come back again next week for more Briscoe Lane News!

Zeph Cool



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