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Autumn Term 2016 - 

December - 

In Science J7 create their own lava lamps and learnt about density whilst doing so using Oil, Water and other liquids.

J7 re-wrote the poem The Owl and Pussy Cat and then presented their poetry to the class.


Google expeditions visited Briscoe Lane Academy and thus was able to visit all parts of the world without moving an inch. This included places such as the Taj Mahal and Christ the Redeemer/


J7 used bottles and balloons to re-create the human lungs and watch how they work by learning about things such as the diaphragm


J7 made their own mocktails- we thought about ratio and how to make different recipes. A fantastic, practical maths activity which we all enjoyed very much and even got to drink our unique mocktail recipes.


During Pupil Voice Week, we created our CD designed and then drew them onto CD's


In ICT we have been working with scratch to code our own games and programs. In science we did a fantastic experiment using real goats hearts to learn how blood fows through the heart.


In another science experiment with Miss Hussain and Miss Ashurst, we experimented to find out which food snails like best out of lettuce, cucumber and tomato. The results varied by snail, showing they eat whatever they fancy at the time.


J7 recently had a parents workshop in the morning during which the children did a show and tell to show off some of their talents and acheivements!



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