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Spring Term 2017 - 

Today one of our year 4 classes visited Longley Lane Recycling Plant. The children spent half the day doing classroom activities in which they learnt what goes in each recycling bin and what can't, many children were surprised and realised lots of things they could do differently. The next half of the day consisted of a tour of the recycling plant in which they seen first hand the start product, how it is all sorted out into different categories and what happens to it at the end of the recycling process. Children also learnt and seen the effect of people putting the wrong items in the the wrong recycling bins.



Autumn Term 2016 - 

This half term J3 have been looking at Instructions and Explanations as well as Poetry in English. In Maths we have focused on a variety of topics including fractions, place value, time and addition and subtraction written methods. 
We have particularly enjoyed our Art lessons where we have been exploring the work of 20th Century artists such as Andy Warhol. We have drawn our own self portraits in the style of Andy Warhol. 
Computing has also been lots of fun. We have been developing our programming skills, specifically Scratch. During our lessons we have programmed sprites to talk to each other and we are now creating our own maths quiz! We have also been using Purple Mash to programme mini games. 
During Science, we have been learning about Living Things and their Habitats. This has included exploring how animals are grouped and reading and creating our own classification keys. We really enjoyed exploring the school garden and seeing what living things we could find. 
Finally, we have begun our swimming lessons this half term and are thoroughly enjoying it! Lots of us have started swimming in the deep pool and some of us have also been learning to swim on our backs.


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