Autumn Term 2016 - 


Over the last few weeks we have been place value, adding and subtracting in Maths. In English we have been learning to use headings and paragraphs and have been focusing on using adverbs, conjunctions and subordinates. This week we have been writing instructions for our alien visitors in English. We have included time adverbials, imperative verbs and conjunctions in our writing. We have also studied Roald Dahl and went on a Roald Dahl themed trip to Tatton Park!

Our geography topic this term is Volcanoes and we have been learning all about how the earth is formed, the different features of a volcano and how to locate them. In PSHE we have been discussing our rights and responsibilities. . In R.E we are learning about Christianity and inspirational people. We have wrote about people who are inspirational to use and we have created a pic collage on the ipads to demonstrate how we are inspirational to others. 


This week we have been money, adding and subtracting and multiplying in Maths. In English we have been learning about Roman myths and legends. We have designed our own mythological creatures and described it. This week we will be looking at the legend of Romulus and Remus. We will then be looking at what makes a good legend and writing our own.  
Our History topic this term is The Romans and we have been learning about when the Romans invade and settled in Great Britain. We have a Roman solider coming to visit our class and we have come up with lots of questions to ask him.  In PSHE we are looking at internet safety and how we can keep safe on the internet. In R.E we are learning about where we belong.


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