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Autumn Term 2016 - 

So far this term in infant 3 we have managed to fit lots of learning in amongst all the fun we have been having. We had a fabulous Roald Dahl day where we made marvellous medicines just like George did in our class book.
We have been working hard on using number lines and counters to help us with addition. We have also looked at measuring length and capacity with a little bit on fractions too!
In English we have been looking at different characters from all sorts of stories. We are learning about adjectives and how we can use them to make our sentences descriptive and interesting to read.

We're looking forward to more exciting things to come!


We are excited for the busy half term ahead. We have been looking at animals under the sea and have met Tiddler the story telling fish in English, we’ve even made our own strange and exciting species! 
In maths we have been very busy looking at number bonds and are looking forward to learning more about money in our class shop! We even had a very quick visit from someone who went to the last winter Olympics and got to hold her Olympic medal! As we get closer to (and more excited about) the Christmas holidays we will be busy practicing for our nativity performance! We’ve got letters to write to Father Christmas, decorations to make and many more activities to look forward to and we can’t wait! 


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